Writing is not dull!

Back in August I read an article that came through via LinkedIn. It was entitled ‘The dullest, most vital skill you need to become a successful manager’ and the answer is, apparently, the ability to write.

At last I feel vindicated! I spent many years as a manager, loathing all presentations that had to be given, and hating wasted time in meetings never getting to the point. I was always far more comfortable and effective with written communication. A written document is something that everyone can buy in to and be accountable for. I have always found that writing clears the head and provides you with some structure for your thoughts – far better to sit down and think something through by writing it down, than having to articulate my thoughts there and then. Something written shows you are taking responsibility, not just talking the talk with no action.

Is writing really dull? Not if you do it right! Effective written communications need to be clear, concise and persuasive. If you can write with impact you can command the attention of your readers who have little time. They want approachable content with clear words, simple explanations and specifics. Your text needs clarity with no ambiguity. Considering who you are writing for, is equally important because you ensure the content, its style and tone is relevant to them.

Effective written communications should be direct, succinct and logical. To evoke a positive response, you need to embrace your reader’s perspective and engage them from the start.

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