The Inside Out Explorers at the Warburg Reserve

“I can’t see anything” my oldest complained as he peered through the binoculars. This was a step up from the complaints we had received in the car as we took the longest 2 miles ever on a pot-holed, single lane track to reach the Warburg Nature Reserve.

No, it wasn’t the expected looking through them the wrong way I am pleased to say, rather, “I think it is because we sound like a heard of elephants to all the rabbits and wildlife” I countered, “Lets try keeping very quiet …” But no, my youngest was already off pounding down the hill. Never mind.

Still, the binoculars’ first outing with the family was reasonably successful, despite much argument as to who was carrying them and much reminding of the youngest that it was a teensy bit dangerous to walk and look through them at the same time! Intrepid 1 spent ages tracking wildlife with them, and while no twitcher, to be fair, we were encouraged by his fleeting, but real, enthusiasm for the moment.

If I am honest, I expected this excursion not to be the most popular with the intrepid duo, however the hour’s stroll was punctuated with regular sightings of rabbits and pheasants with a beautiful soundtrack of birdsong, and absolutely no car noise at all. Yes, it was quiet, but I can’t claim that we were. Still, what a woodland gem! Ok, there were a few other people around, but we imagined we were explorers making our way through remote woodland, following ancient paths through luscious grassland, marvelling at spring flowers and fluttering butterflies.

Later, after stalking prey in the woods (and a bit of hide and seek, oops we weren’t quiet at all!) we became spies in the hideout to see how many different types of bird we could spot, and who saw the most.

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