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Ok, I am going to confess up front that although I am a copywriter, I don’t always practice what I preach. WHAT?!! I’ll explain. Even after all these years of copywriting, I still have a fear of all things social media – and that’s ok, there are people out there far better skilled than I to plan and run your social media campaigns. I actually know lots about social media, I just need to follow my own advice and stick my head above the parapet a bit more than I usually do, and I’m getting there. So what I can I tell you? Here goes …

Blogs are great, but they are not the fastest route to SEO success
Yes, content is king. Yes, you need engaging content, and yes, why not use a copywriter who can save you precious time to write and edit a fabulous blog post. You should absolutely write blogs that are helpful, engaging and will get you noticed and beef up your content on your website, but there are faster ways to get your business noticed and to improve your SEO rankings

I have to break it to you, it’s all about video
You need to up your personal branding and shout out to everyone who you are and what you do. You need to build up your branding and get it everywhere on social media and the quickest and smartest way to do this is by posting video. Read on …

Facebook live
I know, I need to practice what I preach and I’m almost there. It is really very easy for people to like a post without even reading the content past the title or even the first paragraph. Facebook Live is great at promoting engagement and you can do so much with it too once you have made one. Remember it’s a bit like talking to yourself (and you can do that can’t you?) … except it’s not. BUT once done, you can download it, upload it to YouTube, embed it onto your website, and edit and share bits elsewhere too. What’s not to love about that?

Your cat gets more likes than your business
You know it’s true – you labour to write a succinct, compelling piece of content, and you are lucky if a few colleagues and friends like it. Post a picture or video of your cat and you’re inundated with comments. Here’s the point, social media is about being personal, being human and relatable. Share and post light-hearted material to help show the person behind the business. If you do what comes naturally, then it doesn’t undermine you in anyway – people enjoy it and they see a different side to you.

Share your content everywhere.
Don’t assume that you need different content for different channels. It’s more than ok to share the same content everywhere you are. This creates consistency with your tone of voice and will reach a wider audience. Do be careful though that your content is relevant – I would not suggest posting a picture of your cat on LinkedIn …

Be present regularly
Getting content out on social media on a regular basis is important. If you don’t have something of your own post, sharing someone else’s post is just as important – it shows you are present and connecting with your audience. If you haven’t got anything to share, then comment on something instead. These small ways help to boost your social media presence. If people find and see you, they remember you. A continuing presence enables them to trust you and turn to you when the time is right.

Have a social media plan – it doesn’t need to be detailed but know what you are posting every month and on which social media channels, will not only save you time in the long run, but ensures you are delivering consistently. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to the plan when circumstances dictate otherwise, but you’ve got your back up even if you happily mess with your own scheduling once in a while!

I’m off to follow my own advice … I just needed to write this to give me the confidence to get going!

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