What you need to know?

What you need to know about hiring a copywriter

Unfortunately I can’t just jump straight in and write dazzling copy for you without some background knowledge! Here are some ideas to the type of information I need to know …

  1. Do you know your business inside and out?
    As a copywriter I need to know all about your brand so that I can create the right tone of voice for your business, or to ensure that I am writing in your established tone of voice. You need to be crystal clear on who your business is targeting, what your business really does and why it matters so much. It is so important for me to understand if your brand is elegant, reserved, smart or funny so that the content I write is targeting your ideal target market and engaging them appropriately.
  1. Do you know your audience?
    I referenced this above, but who your customers and clients are inform all the copy I write from the tone of voice to the specific use of words. If you can provide me with as detailed a persona as possible then I can write the content your business needs to persuade them to engage with your brand.
  1. Do you know what you want me to do?
    I always take a brief before taking on new work. By completing this, it helps direct you and therefore me to get a clear idea as to what you want. For example, I do a lot of website content, so I’ll be asking you to think about the pages you need and what the key messages are that you want me to get across. Add to this I’ll be asking you to consider SEO keywords. Copywriting is collaborative – we work together, but I can’t deliver what you want without you telling me in advance your aspirations and goals.influencer-4081842_1920
  1. Be realistic
    It takes as much time to create a strap line as it does to write a blog – it may even take longer. My point is that copywriters need time to let words and ideas evolve and develop. Churning work out only leads to mistakes and it is imperative that I understand all the background about your business to fulfil any brief properly.

There is a reason we call in experts for certain jobs, and copywriting is just the same. I can bring lots to any particular project:

  • Save you lots of time by taking this on for you
  • Help you sell more goods/services
  • Make your brand stand out from its competitors
  • Make your business connect better with is customers

But I also need all the help you can give me regarding the above information. Sharing your insights and knowledge enables me to write copy that exceeds your expectations.

If you know your business inside and out, know who your target audience is and where you want to take your business forward, then get in touch with me now to discuss how I can help you.

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