It’s all about me

Sometimes you just need to tell it like it is.

There is nothing wrong in being straight and to the point, but adding colour and background can be the deciding factors in clinching a sale. A new client asked to know more about me the other day. What to say? Too much detail might bore them and put them off, while too little might leave them guessing and wanting more.

Now I’m not one prone to waffle, and I don’t like to use lots of words unnecessarily. I told them just enough to effectively promote myself by giving my story a beginning, middle and end. By adhering to the rule of three I made my story accessible and memorable. I explained that my background was in publishing, learning the art of working with words, editorial techniques and about printing books. I then moved into management, forming alliances and working with other parts of the business, developing new ideas for different media, and networking. I followed this up by explaining about taking voluntary redundancy and grabbing the opportunity to work freelance, and not looking back!

Of course the redundancy is the obvious, but no less relevant, twist in the tale – a negative situation made positive. I could say that I left the company, but I prefer the truth as it shows me actively overcoming a challenge.

This is me, and my brand. My story, which I can embellish with more or less detail as the situation requires, resonates with others because most people’s experiences have had ups and downs along the way. Company brands of course concentrate on their success stories, and I’ll save that for a later post!

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