It is too Spanish in Spain!

The receptionists spoke Spanish, the food was Spanish, and there were too many foreigners!

I get this, no I really do – sometimes you want to go away on holiday, but you don’t want to be too far away from home. For some, having a holiday is not about soaking up another culture, trying a new cuisine, visiting historical sites: you might want the warmth, you might want the sangria, you might even want to hear a smattering of another language – but want you really want is a not too unfamiliar situation: you want to be able to read the menus to find food you like, you want others to understand you if you need to ask for something, you want to find brands you trust in the shops. It is not for anyone to judge is it? We all pay our money for hopefully the holiday we want and expect. Some of us are just like that and it all boils down to good research at the end of the day. If that is what you want, make sure you pick a resort where you can be confident it is little Britain in Spain, and lets face it, we know that in Spain it isn’t too hard to find that small piece of home. What you can’t assume is that all of Spain will be like that … it does have to cater for those who do want to experience the real Spain.

Recently I read another complaint about Spain suggesting the siestas should be banned, and that the local shopkeepers are just too lazy when they close for a few hours in the afternoon! IT’S HOT in the afternoon in summer, who in their right mind wants to work then if they don’t have to! Listen, they stay open much later than they do in the UK so there is always an upside to a perceived downside. Ok, so they have heard of air conditioning and they could open, but why do so if the market doesn’t dictate that they should?

You get siestas in Spain, and of course in other countries. Haven’t we all be frustrated to find we want to buy something but have had to wait until the shop has opened? I’ve gone out hoping the siesta time has finished, only to find I am still too early and need to return later. The great thing is that it really doesn’t matter if you need to wait a bit – no one is going anywhere, you can always go for a dip in the sea, have an ice cream or drink while you are waiting. Oh yes, and you could try a siesta yourself – wonderfully restorative! When in Spain, be like the Spanish …

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