Hit copy deadlines without compromising the quality of your travel content

How to hit copy deadlines without compromising on the quality of your travel content

1. Hire a Copywriter with Knowledge and Understanding
A travel copywriter needs to understand the emotions of the traveller, and hear their voice. We need to have experienced what your clients experience, first-hand. We need to know about the hassles and frustrations, the ups and the downs so that we understand exactly what your clients are likely to expect.

2. Hire a Copywriter with Authority
Your copywriter needs to know the places and services they are writing about. We can research information very thoroughly, but until we experience the hotel, the flight, food and culture, the city, the country ourselves, our content can’t sing in the way it really should.

3. Hire a Travel Copywriter not a Travel Writer
We may be both but there is a huge difference between writing content and being a copywriter. A copywriter knows how to use words as tools to drive sales. With irresistible headlines, engaging and SEO friendly writing and a strong call to action we have the ability to see through the eyes of your target market and convert readers and browsers into customers.

4. Hire a Copywriter who understands the connections between your blog, social media and your e-newsletter
We don’t have to understand the mechanics of it all, but we should be able to optimise your content marketing strategy.

5. Hire a copywriter who can tell a great story
People remember stories, so a story well told with integrity evokes authenticity. The right combination of drama and suspense, a clear sequence of events and an identifiable narrative with a subtle message can provide the inspiration and encouragement to visit a new destination or try a new service.

6. Hire a copywriter who can set the stage and bring the house down
Good copywriters can provide great hooks to grab your readers, and use powerful writing tools to make their copy accessible. Not only that, they can provide great closing lines to leave the copy resonating with the reader.

7. Hire a copywriter who can follow a brief
Save yourself time by using copywriters who can work to a clear brief, in the style and tone that you desire – enough said!

8. Hire a Copywriter who will deliver to your deadlines
Those that consistently deliver quality copy on time, share the desires of your business and show that they care about your success.

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