10 Useful Tips to help you with your Travel Blog

10 Useful Tips to help you with your Travel Blog

Creating high quality content takes time, and that is why many people choose to outsource their blogs to people like me, a copywriter.

If you are committed to creating great content then you must properly prepare so that you can ensure you are getting all the mileage out of every word that you write.

1. Be Organised
Have a plan as to the common theme or themes running through your blogging. Think of a general topic then plan out the content needed to create it, in order to cover the entire topic in detail. If you create your content in a structured way, all your blog posts will be intrinsically linked. This is important, as newer posts will help to breathe life into your older ones.

2. Have a Goal
Think about what it is that you actually want to achieve by blogging – maybe it is to have a nice chunk of content that you can package up as a free giveaway, or to write an eBook, or to have an extra 100 or 1000 readers each month – you can then target your blogs for this purpose.

3. Reuse and Recycle
Just because you have posted some fabulous content once, doesn’t mean you can’t do it again by repackaging them for different audiences – maybe for a podcast or video, or can it be reworked in a slightly different slant?

4. Blog to Sell …
If your purpose is to market a particular destination, or a hotel for example, then it is all very well and good to write flowing descriptions to conjure up in our minds exotic experiences. However, copywriting is not just about evocative descriptions, it is ultimately about getting your customers to buy. Your blogging copy needs to sell what the customers aspire to.

5. … but don’t Oversell!
Be honest about what you offer, don’t over-hype it. You need to deliver what you promise or your will get disappointed visitors, who might leave damaging reviews and even worse, reduce your bookings.

6. Be inspired
To be an effective travel blogger, you need to illustrate your passion for travel, backed up by your knowledge. Be inspiring and entertaining and give your readers something to make them come back: information they can’t get elsewhere, delivered in your own unique style.

7. It is not about you
No-one really wants to know about fantastic things they are not doing: make your travel copy evocative: Why is a particular location special, talk about cultural differences and experiences, and provide advice for those who may want to experience what you have.

8. Have some photos
Words used correctly are an effective and powerful tool. But even I, as a copywriter, will concede that a photo can be the hook to snare your reader into reading your blog. Just consider how to use photos (or illustrations or paintings!) in the best way to illustrate your copy.

9. Social Media
You have a great blog, now get it out there to be read. Think again about who your target market is – are they mainly Twitter users, or prefer Instagram, G+ or Facebook? What kind of groups might they follow? The more you put onto social media the more you will get out of it, but remember that you need to be responsive and regular in your use of it.

10. Just do it
I’ll be honest there are lots of travel bloggers out there, and a big handful of really amazing ones. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another to be a success story: find your niche, be an expert in a particular place or area, be unique and get on and write!

Next up: How to hit those copy deadlines without compromising on the quality of your travel content.

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