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10 Expert Travel Marketing Tips to Attract Visitors and Make Sales

  1. Ensure your Site is optimised for Mobile Devices
    Travellers use their mobiles when planning where to go, as well as on the road. An easy to use, accessible website will keep them with you at all times.
  1. Attention-grabbing Headlines
    If your headline does not immediately grab a reader’s attention, they won’t bother to read the rest of the copy. Make your headlines count and hook your readers from the go. Use them to boost the most compelling thing about your blog, site, hotel etc., encouraging them to read on.
  1. What’s your Personality?
    It is not about you – every word must resonate with the travellers and visitors most likely to book with you. Think about who you are trying to attract and ensure your copy relates to the type of person they are – don’t lose them by using the wrong tone of voice. Your copy should have a compelling and authentic story combining your USP, history and vision that talks and resonates directly with the customer.
  1. Be Inspirational
    Your copy has to benefit your target customer and engage with them. You need to provide inspirational copy to pique their interest and excite them about their visit, so they know their holiday/visit/experience is going to be exceptional. Think about what your images don’t communicate, and tease out the compelling details in your copy to create a striking visual image.
  1. Use Enticing Verbs and Vivid Adjectives
    Avoid clichéd adjectives and dull verbs that smother all life from the copy. Used wisely, verbs can bring copy to life creating memorable images, while key adjectives will help to engage the reader’s senses. Remember to maintain your style and tone of voice in all your marketing.
  1. Be Practical
    It may be obvious to you, but your customers need to know as many details as possible, so that they feel they know you before even visiting: how to get there, what’s nearby, what the opening hours are, what kind of facilities you have – providing this, gives peace of mind beforehand.
  1. Be Unique
    Don’t do what all your competitors do and write about all your distinguishing features, sell the experience instead! Why are your customers coming to stay with you, eat with you, take a tour with you, book a holiday with you? Find your niche, and market your copy accordingly to capture their feelings and motivations.
  1. Guide your Customer’s Expectations
    Remember if a customer is looking at your site, it is because they want you to make their life their life easier. Keep in mind that less is definitely more, and this should make your site inherently useful to web browsers, while at the same time establishing you as an authority.
  1. Capture Information
    You not only want travellers to book with you, you want them to return because they trust you. By encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter, or receive notifications on offers available, you will keep your brand in their mind and be able to capitalise on this.
  1. Offer Value
    While travellers are always on the look out for a great deal, they honestly care more about the value they are getting. If you market yourself as the best, illustrated with the proof of why this is so, it goes beyond what your competitors offer, and people will pay a premium for this.

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